niall scully

I never imagined being paid to do something I honestly LOVE.
I picked up my first camera when I was just 16 yrs old, and ever since them I fell head over heels for photography, so much so that I went on to achieve an advanced diploma in Photography.
I love everything about photography, the people I meet, places I go, the hours I work and the spontaneity of every shot.
I appreciate that life isn’t photoshopped, reality is raw and I adore the beauty of those in between moments and with this in mind I try to capture the emotions and energy with every shot I take.
People tend to ask if i get tired of shooting weddings because I am part of so many, but the truth is, I don’t! I believe whole heartedly in marriage and the commitment that people make to each other.



When I watch the beauty of trees in the forest, the sand on beaches, the snow of the winter season, the natural settings of mountings and rock, I cannot stop but to take a shot.

When I see strangers become best of friends and memories recollected, I feel very proud to be part of this noble profession.

My career in photography industry is not incidental, it is advertorial.

My work is steeped in self-compassion, kindness and practicality.

I help you see yourself from a different perspective, in a new angle, and I keep memories of you that you love.

I help you gain appreciation for how strong and amazing you are.

I strongly believe in what I can do. In this noble profession of mine, I am a giant.

Follow your passion; it knows where you should go; when I see something I like, I go after it.

I will make couples feel they got it right, and make singles feel like getting married. This is my vision and I make it happen.

This is my mission statement, it is my life.