There I am!



A fine art film and digital wedding photographer based out Wicklow, Ireland, I am someone who takes great pride in their work. I was a finalist for Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2016 and 2017 at the Wedding Journal Awards and Best Newcomer in 2015 for Mrs2be awards. I earned my advanced Diploma in Photography, and since then fell in love with the ability to create art with natural light and connect with amazing couples. I’m humbled to say that I have been published in Many Magazines  and websites including Fly Away Bride, Confetti, Wedding Journal, OneFabDay, VIP, RSVP, Independent, Mrs2be and Irish Wedding Diary. A fan of superheroes and zombie flicks, I enjoy lazy Sundays, the calm, the relaxation, the way they seem to breeze on by. Always quick with a joke and ready to get down to business, I knows how to be productive and have fun at the same time. I am a family man whose wife and son are at the centre of my world and inspiration for everyday life.



True love is a striking thing. 

You know it when you see it,  and when you are in its presence, >1 the whole rest of the world can seem to fade away into the background. 

That is love’s nature; it’s powerful. 

Two people look at one another, and even without words, there is so much said between them. 

In a way, they exist in a place that is not of the earth, a place where time stops and the preternatural becomes simply natural. 

As a photographer, I have made it my mission to capture true love in all its endless beauty and complexity.

This mission is exciting to me. Deeply fulfilling to play witness to the wonder that you and your partner share, I work hard to express myself fully and creatively through pictures.

I offer my services to couples in Ireland, and I have built my reputation on my eye for detail and energy. I have a knack for capturing love in pictures – and I would be thrilled to help you to capture your love too.