Clare + Olaf | Ballybeg House, Wicklow

Clare & Olaf were an absolute pleasure to work with, full of Love for each other and their families and just so relaxed, which for me is the best environment for me to get creative! They live in the UK currently, Clare is a native of Wicklow whilst Olaf is from the UK with German descent. They decided to have their amazing day at a little gem in Wicklow called Ballybeg House, with breath taking views and rustic bespoke character Ballybeg is one of a kind and will

become one of the most sought after in 2016. Clare was a stunning bride and her dress was superb! Her makeup was done by a friend who is an amazing Makeup artist and well known, Danielle Mahon and her hair was done by Michelle from The Powder Room Girls. The day was filled with laughter and love with their friends and families, here are some shots from their amazing day.

Clare & Olaf, thank you for allowing me to capture your amazing day, stay in love and stay fabulous 🙂



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