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With over 30 years of experience in our company there is no situation that we haven’t come across which is vital for the quick moving pace of a wedding morning while trying to capture those special off the cuff moments.

Based in the midlands means we are a short drive from most locations so distance is never a problem.

But why choose a videographer for your wedding day and what are the key factors to look out for in a good wedding videographer.



This is the main key factor, above all else this should be at the fore for getting the best wedding DVD from your videographer especially in Ireland. Nobody wants a camera in their face making them feel uncomfortable. The best videographers are the ones that aren’t noticed. One compliment we get from couples after their weddings is when they show their DVD to guests that were at the wedding, the guests were unaware there was even a videographer at the wedding. With only 1 camera ever used on the day as you can see from our videos on our Facebook page everything can be capture while still remain unobtrusive and discreet.

TIP: The bride having her dress on a three quarters of an hour before the wedding (depending on distance from house to church) leaves enough time for the photographer and videographer to get some footage in the house but also gives them time to be back at the church for shots of the groom, groomsmen and guest arrival at the wedding.


Letting the day unfold naturally is another key factor in capture a wedding day properly. Getting footage of family and friends from a distance is a must. When recording the speeches being as inconspicuous and as far back while still capture everything is what we strive for, it’s something we go out of our way to achieve so whoever is making a speech isn’t aware they are being recorded.

TIP: A lot of couples want to have their speeches before the meal which is a great idea, but if you are worried your guest will be too hungry why not have them after the first starter.


When the wedding day is over, the cake has been eaten, the flowers have wilted and the wedding dress has been packed away, apart from the still shots in your photo album what other reminder have you of the best day of your life?

Having a wedding DVD will enable you to bring back to life the wedding day you cherished so much.

A lot of brides might be of the opinion “the wedding DVD is a luxury to have” or “I won’t really look at it after that wedding day”, well what do you spend most of your evenings doing? Looking at the TV, looking at films about weddings or even looking at don’t tell the bride. If you can look at wedding on TV about other people’s families wouldn’t it be great then to look at the TV with a wedding staring your own family.

With family members possibly living out of the country sending them a copy of the DVD is such an amazing gift, with the touch of a button they can be back in their home town, back in the house they grew up in and looking at how their parents and family are naturally, not as a set up staged shot because even with photography the best photos are the ones captured that were never planned.

Your wedding DVD should be for you to watch, it should contain everything you missed from the day, everything you have forgotten and last forever.


Broadcast quality cameras, the latest in wireless microphones, tripods and enough backup equipment to record two weddings is quality that is not only assured, it’s guaranteed. Future proofing the final product is a must, we have brides from weddings 20 years ago that we recorded coming into the studio to get their wedding VHS transferred to DVD because it’s the only natural live footage they have of some family members that have passed away since, to them their wedding is worth its weight in gold. Armed with the knowledge that your footage needs to last, your wedding can be finished on Blu Ray or even put onto a hard drive so your grandkids can see your day.

TIP: Having back-up equipment is also something that couples would never think about asking but you would be surprised the amount of videographers that go to weddings without a backup camera that is equivalent to the one the’re using.

In The End…

…you give so much of yourself, your time and money organizing your wedding day wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hold onto those memories for years to come so your family and kids can all experience it.

After all that, why not just go to our review section on Facebook and you can see how a lot of our past couples rate us like Anita and Sean did:

“From the moment we booked Brophy Videographers until we received our DVD we received nothing but top class service. The professionalism of the entire team is next to nothing. And when we watched the DVD all I can say is WOW… From the songs selected to the memories captured it was just fantastic. The icing on the cake was the 10 minute clip for our phones which we can watch whenever and wherever we want. Thanks again so much guys x We shall enjoy watching it and sharing the memories with everyone for years to come. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a videographer.


Anita & Sean x”

Money can’t buy happiness but we can make it last forever!

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