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The importance of choosing the right Makeup Artist for your wedding day.

Bridal Makeup is a total art in itself. It’s something a makeup artist really needs to specialise in. Over the years i’ve often heard people saying ‘ah I’m going to do my own makeup’ or ‘my friend is good at makeup she said she would do it’. If I’m honest when I hear that I have to say my heart sinks a little.Brides spend so much of their budget on a good photographer and a beautiful dress, I don’t see why someone would cut a cost on the first thing people see, your face.

I remember the royal wedding back in 2011 when Kate did her own makeup, I was just so disappointed. Looking at the images from a professional eye I felt it just didn’t flow, her hair was so on point though and i’m such a fan of her. Makeup trends change all the time and you really want your makeup to complement your whole look. Most brides when they come to see me for their trail don’t actually know their style but it’s up to me as a Makeup Artist to go through it with them. When I get an idea of the brides dress and her bridesmaids dresses I can usually tell what look she is going with, whether it be classic and timeless, soft and romantic, or sultry and glam.

The makeup industry is flooded at the moment and I think just about everyone in Ireland has done a Makeup Course or knows someone who has.

So, here are my tips on choosing an experienced makeup artist for your big day:

  • A makeup Artist who has certificates.
  • A Good professional website with lots of pictures of previous brides.
  • Over 2 years experience working with makeup full time Eg. working on a MAC counter or Makeup Studio.
  • A person who understands how much of a big deal a wedding is.
  • Some who users only top products e.g. MAC,Charlotte Tilbury, Shiseido.


I hope that this will help some brides-to-be out there while planning their wedding.

 xX Danielle


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